Why I Draw

For most of my adult life I focused more on music than on visual arts, but in my late forties a wrist injury interfered with my ability to play my instrument. My creativity needed a new outlet, so I started drawing, and soon became obsessed. Drawing became the focus of my life. After my 2013 move from Oregon to Gardiner, NY I discovered the rugged ecosystem of the Shawangunks. The natural world is my passion and my refuge. In my work I try to recreate a hiker’s perspective of landscapes as potential journeys that can draw us out of our usual tired circle of thoughts into a more spacious place. I hope to simply convey the inherently generous, fluid and mysterious nature of the world that I see.


I am mainly self taught, having no formal art instruction other than one college class in drawing. But as the child of a painter and a photographer who towed me from one museum to the next, art was a consistent presence. We also travelled and camped all over the West, so the outdoor world was always a big part of my life. In middle age I developed the patience to immerse myself in an image, and the confidence to return to the mind of the child who explored freely in redwood forests, open fields, and on mountain trails.